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Services and Solution in Pakistan.

Easy to use, highly intuitive

With its intuitive user interface, Telematics Master Pvt. Ltd View is an easy to use & powerful system painstakingly designed to give you a complete range of services ina simple, sleek package.

Best suits your needs

Pick from simple, low cost GPS devices to high quality, cutting edge ones without having to chain yourself to a long term commitment with a single GPS device vendor.

Budget friendly GPS tracking

Not only is Telematics Master Pvt. Ltd View packed with a comprehensive range of powerful features Tracking in Pakistan, it's also competitively priced; perfect for the budget conscious business owner.

Limo & Chauffeur

We created this advanced dispatch software for limousine and chauffeur companies and car rental in Pakistan to manage bookings with ease. The limo dispatch software enables driver scheduling, rates per hour and PDF receipts emailed to your clients when the job is complete.

Our Solutions

About Us

Telematics Master Pvt. Ltd is a unique Global service delivery venture operating in the convergence space of Location Intelligence (GPS/GIS), Wireless (GPRS) and internet. This is a global network of Local network, TMPL services including mobile asset visibility, asset optimization, security, logistics management, cold chain monitoring, people transportation monitoring etc are delivered across the Pakistan in a "Software as Service (SaS)" model for monthly subscription. From the wireless industry perspective this is an Operator agnostic Value added service. Read More ...


TMPL provides world-class fleet management solutions enable our customers to better serve their customers. How? With functionality such as real-time and historical tracking, efficient jobs & messaging and managed locations, our customers are employing effective mobile resource management on a daily basis. Commercial fleets use TMPL products and services to successfully plan their driver and vehicle schedules, assigning the closest and most suitable vehicles to each particular job.

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  • From TMPL systems we received daily Vehicle Tracking data Reports to our inbox b4 starting my day. The reports are easy to understand & the data compiled in ways which help us identify areas to concentrate on for improvement. This has become a valuable tool for determining how we can better satisfy our customers.”

    -Ghulam Abbas Malik AHE Group Islamabad

  • "Thanks TMPL we recover our snatched vehicle less than an hour, i appreciate the professional support by TMPL to recover my car on 1st June 2015 from Okara bypass and it was recovered through TMPL tracking system"

    -Arshad Nawaz

  • "The service is excellent and the personnel I work with are great. No request is out of the question and usually can be accommodated within the current budget and in a reasonable timeframe. Very responsive team and easy company to work with. I enjoy our partnership.”

    -Sohail Ahmed Jutt

  • " اس مين کوئی شک نہیں كه ٹیلی میٹک ماسٹر پاکستان كى سب سے بہترین ٹریکنگ سروس کمپنی ہے.”

    -Tanveer Aslam Sheikh Multan

  • "میں نے بہت سی ٹریکنگ سروسز استعمال کی ھیں پچھلے بارہ سالوں کے دوران مگر ٹیلی میٹک ماسٹر جیسی بہترین سروس نہیں ملی آج تک، زون آوٹ اور انجن سٹارٹ پر ایس ایم ایس سروس بہت شاندار ہے۔ ایونٹ سے چند سیکنڈ میں میسج آ جاتا ہے”

    -محمد اقبال درانی ۔ ۔ مسلم لاجسٹک سروسز