About Us


Our Company

Telematics Master Private Limited (TMPL). is one of the largest provider of technology enabled solutions and services to the road transportation sector in Pakistan. TMPL has a range of Business Solutions and services to transport operations which are ready to deploy with a huge experience across diverse domains and innovative approach towards specific solutions has created a new waves in the field of vehicle Tracking and advance telematics. TMPL fuel level monitoring solution is one of best solution with 99% accuracy rate. No matter what your company's size and requirements are, TMPL will tailor the right solution for you. Also, TMPL's innovative Pay-as-you-use model can add up greater ROI and reduce deployment cycle

Mission Statement:

The mission of Telematics Master Pvt. Ltd is to become a predominant market leader in advanced vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions along with comprehensive telematics services while encouraging a friendly and fair work environment; all in a fiduciary manner which supports the company, industry and community.


The Company's vision is a combination of Core Values, Core Purpose and Visionary Goals.

Core Values

The following represents the Company's core values:

  • Pioneering and proprietary concept in vehicle tracking.
  • Developing and maintaining a consumer base who demands vehicle tracking and fleet management, the Company's primary service throughout the vehicle tracking users and later expanding into new geographic, psychographic and demographics markets.
  • Meeting fiduciary and social responsibility by creating value for investors, stakeholders, businesses and customers.

Core Purpose

The following represents the Company's core purpose:

  • Develop and distribute advanced vehicle tracking and fleet management systems.
  • Create and develop a variety of additional services which address the ultimate needs of the end user.
  • Create loyalty with consumers via an understanding of the benefits of the Company's services.