Cold Chain Logistics Management


The Telematics Master Pvt. Ltd Cold Chain Logistics Solution can help food processing companies better utilize their procurement and distribution infrastructure by removing inefficiencies in their supply chain. The various MIS modules, real time data and alerts generated by the Telematics Master Pvt. Ltd Solution; greatly enhance the decision-making powers of the managers at the top management and operational levels. This logistics solution by helping prompt delivery to the retailers; helps increase the uptake of food stock at the retail points. The maintenance of optimal temperature in the reefer vehicles during its journey; also significantly reduces the quantum of wastage. As the implementation costs are mostly recouped in the form of savings in the first 3 months of operation; Fleet System's Cold Chain Logistics Solution, is only a prudent economic decision for food processing companies looking to streamline their supply chain.

Catering to an international market is highly demanding. Consistency in performance is crucial in order to maintain long-lasting relationships. The company is keen on expanding its business to other parts of the world as well. To gain visibility as a known international player it calls for high-level of precision in the working format. The company also realized the need to access minute details of the operation for better decision-making. Furthermore, flow of information on a real-time basis helps ridge the gap between the operational level and the managerial level.

TMPL's solution facilitates real-time updating of information along with automated monitoring of end-to-end processes. The vehicles are installed with GPS receivers and temperature sensors connected to a monitoring body using GPRS technology. Apart from tracking the position of the vehicle, this facility also enables monitoring of the refrigeration temperature (inside the container) on a real-time basis. The intelligent mapping system enables location identification and eliminates un- scheduled stopovers. It ensures on-time performance by monitoring speed of the vehicle and distance covered. In case of delay, the solution enables effective decision-making. The platform integrates various hardware devices like GPS units and temperature sensors. This facilitates the creation of MIS reports pertaining to distance traveled, time taken, temperature variation, etc. The solution also enables storage of real-time information that can be retrieved and analyzed at any point of time.