Employee Transportation Management Solution


TMPL's processes enables companies to monitor the vehicle's transporting their employees 24/7 in real time. The real time access helps in all kinds of crisis situations, in times when there is a need for change in plans or during substitution/replacement of a vehicle. During night times, the real time next pick-up information also enables the managers to send messages to employees. The drivers also are enabled as they know the exact routes to take thus increasing overall efficiency of both the vehicle and the driver.

With a real-time GPS, like that of Employee Safety and Security System, employees can rest assured of their safety at any time of the day. Devices like those of the panic button in the cabs more employees feel more confident about using office transport and their families waiting at home can wait peacefully for their arrival. The huge problem of vehicle scheduling also gets sorted out through the systems in place. Analysis tools allow fleet man- agers to review current route times, mileages and planned and actual stops to determine how efficiency can be increased. With state-of-the-art systems in place, Telematics Master Pvt. Ltd offers wide range of services including Management Information Systems, Cost Optimization, alerts etc.

With the RFID installed in each bus, the company can now know the boarding and de-boarding time of each employee and driver which will make them know who holds responsibility for delays and the perpetrator can be reprimanded according to company rules. If any employee goes missing, the company courtesy RFID feed can inform the investigative agencies about RFID where did the employee get down and who shall be responsible the person's absence. The next pick-up information helps buses inform the employees of their drop-down points so that no one misses a stop.

TMPL's solution prepares and maintains a database of the fleet through which they come to know when a certain vehicle is due for maintenance and how long a certain vendor's spare last. This helps in creating substitution/replacement plans in advance and also in choosing a correct vendor for spares etc. The Bus Maintenance feature includes Inventory and Spares Management, MIS Generation and Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance.