Fleet Maintenance Services


Maintenance of a large fleet is a cumbersome process by itself. To simplify it and make it more organized process, TMPL's Fleet Maintenance Service is designed to present the data about maintenance in a very understand able manner that also provides deep insight into your maintenance costs. Using our Fleet Maintenance Service, you can effortlessly pick the best vendor for your spares, most punctual vendor, longest lasting parts etc.

Inventory and Spares

Goods Inwards
  • Spares Count Report.
  • Vehicle Wise spare report.
  • Purchase Order/Indent Report.
  • Brand Report.
  • And many more...

Preventive Maintenance

  • Air Pressure.
  • Break Adjustment.
  • Distilled Water.
  • Clutch Adjustment.
  • Coolant for Radiator
  • Electrical Check up
  • And many more...

Internal Workshop

Manage full internal inventory including purchasing and stocking that are fully integrated with ledger accounts and gain visibility of maintenance cost on each vehicle. Make necessary business decisions on spares purchase, inventory carrying costs, selection of vendor, selling of vehicle etc. and help your business to grow to the next level.

Internal Spares
  • Internal Job Cards
  • Spare Inwards
  • And many more...

External Workshop

This feature in FMS helps users to manage or to keep the record of all the services done at external workshops. This brings greater visibility in the whole operation.

  • External Spares
  • External Job Card
  • Secured Commercial Closure
  • And many more...

Statutory Management

  • State Permit
  • Inspection Certificat
  • Emission Control Details
  • Road Tax Details
  • National Permit
  • Vehicle Insurance Details
  • And many more...
  • Driver
  • License expiry alerts
  • Badge expiry date alerts
  • And many more...

FMS Reports

Reports are crucial to any effective Fleet Maintenance System. Effective reporting about inventory gives users the information they need to efficiently manage inefficiencies or errors. From simple fleet listing reports to complicated periodical cost analysis reports, everything you need is included. TMPL's FMS provides detailed reports for inventory used, maintenance costs, and vehicle service needed, along with graphical representation of each report.

Few reports that you can generate are:
  • Revenue realization
  • P&L Vehicle
  • Vendor analysis
  • Spare usage
  • Vehicle maintenance cost
  • Spares Count Report
  • Day-to-Day business performance analysis
  • And many more...

Strategic Decisions

Asset utilization: By looking at the maintenance and history of a vehicle, the decisions can easily be taken on making a profit using vehicle.

Major investment in Spare parts: Visibility of inventory stock leads to less storage costs for the company Selection of vendor: Select vendor on the basis of quality product, pricing and discounts.

Replacement of a vehicle: By looking at historical analysis like parts used, money company spent on vehicle maintenance cost, the management can take a decision if they want to keep a vehicle or sell it.

Key Features & Benefits

Get maximum benefits out of our application. Keeps records of all your fleet inventory information and other related details needed for keeping reliable records of your fleet. FMS helps you reducing possible breakdowns and prevent equipment failure that negatively impacts your business performance and profit. The application is integrated with a full inventory control system that handles spare details.

  • Inventory Master
  • Spare Wise History
  • Provides job and equipment costing
  • Unit component and accessory tracking
  • Scheduling, Billing and Dispatching of operation
  • Fleet maintenance and job costing
  • Detailed expense reporting
  • Seamless accounting interface Eliminates duplicate tasking
  • Fuel Account Management
  • And many more...