Fuel Monitoring


Information about the fuel level and the mile age of each of the vehicles. This module also generates various reports that help in analysis from a business perspective. Along with the current fuel level and the mileage details, it also provides accurate refuel details. Proper analysis of the generated reports helps in identifying better drivers, better routes and even better refuel points. Each of the above add value to the business in terms of cost savings.

  • Refuel Details
  • Mileage Report
  • Reduce fuel theft within the company
  • Continuous updates on overall fuel usage
  • Fuel graph illustrating the pattern of fuel usage
  • Identification of good and bad refuel points
  • Fuel consumption reports to avoid any suspicious activity
  • Significant savings in revenue, resources and time.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the factors that affect fuel consumption like Over speed, harsh breaking, Ignition On/Off etc.
  • Enhanced decision-making that produces real, bottom-line benefits
  • And many More...