Ready Mix Concrete Transportation


Transit Mixers are comparatively more prone to accidents than other vehicles as they are among the few types of vehicles which perform some mechanical activity while in transit. The huge quantity of in-transit concrete, drum rotation and vehicle over speeding, coupled with Transit Mixer freewheeling increases the probability of accidents. Transit Mixer accidents bring dreadful losses to the RMC companies, considering the cost of Transit Mixers. To address the above challenge, TMPL's state-of-the-art R&D center is developing a comprehensive solution, taking into account all the parameters and the initial on ground R&D results are encouraging. FSI is confident of deploying the Accident Prevention System (APS) soon to the service of our customers.

Infrastructure industry has been growing at burgeoning pace across the globe. One of the key components of infrastructure industry is ready mix concrete, demand for which has been impressive over a decade. In spite of its impressive growth, Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) sector is facing various operational challenges. Taking all this into account, FSI has developed Ready Mix Concrete Transport Operations Management Solution (RMCTOMS), a comprehensive solution which addresses all the challenges faced by RMC sector. Comprehensive report of vehicle always an additive edge for maximizing the profit, control the cost, scheduled the trip and studies the behavior of driver.