Tyre Management


Of all parts of a vehicle, the tyre undergoes a lot of wear and tear and also is considered as one of the most expensive spares. The Tyre Management module is built keeping in mind the importance of effective Tyre Management for a fleet of vehicles. When used in combination with GPS tracking, TM's Tyre Management System provides accurate data about the distance run on each tyre, life remaining in each tyre etc.

  • Tyre Master
  • On Road Tyre
  • Trailer Details
  • Vehicle Structure
  • Prime Mover Trailer Report
  • Mileage Exception Report
  • Tyre Vehicle Association Report
  • Better control over life of tyres
  • Helps in avoiding illegal trading of tyres outside the company
  • Supports driver evaluation
  • Ensures effective utilization of each tyre
  • And many More . . .